Our Specialized Team

Our agency does not operate like a traditional agency. There is a strong culture at Cameron Digital Consulting because we all share similar values. We have a team of experts who specialize in all areas of digital marketing.

Matt Cameron

Founder & CEO

Chemical Engineer by degree, Matt has been the owner of a successful marketing agency for the last eight years. With extensive experience in SEM, Paid Social Advertising, SEO, Organic Social, Email Marketing, and Website Development, Matt is capable of helping grow businesses both large and small to reach their full potential.

Michelle Cameron

Chief Heart Officer

Over the last 7 years, Michelle has worked with various brands and people from SEAL Team 3 to an Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker. Specializing in consumer behavior and international business has proven to increase your organic social media presence. Michelle’s main area of expertise is Brand & Organic Growth Strategies.

Matt Schoepflin

Director of Email Marketing

Matt has 12+ years of digital marketing experience with an emphasis on email marketing for eCommerce brands. His expertise is in helping brands fine-tune their overall email marketing strategy in order to consistently drive at least 20-30% of their total monthly revenue through email. In 2021, Matt helped eCommerce brands drive over $10 million in email attributable revenue.

Spencer Knudson

Paid Social Media Specialist

Spencer is a Paid Social Media Campaign Manager with a background in advertising for film. He works across multiple paid social media channels including Facebook, Reddit, Snapchat, TikTok, and Twitter. Spencer also has experience with email marketing through Klaviyo.

Hailey Mason

Organic Social Media Specialist

Hailey helps assist in the management of various businesses’ social media accounts. This is done by scheduling clients’ content, and content calendar development. Hailey also contributes to the responsibility of managing sales operations by establishing lead communication and meeting monthly sales goals.

Jodi Miller

Email Marketing Specialist

Jodi has over 15 years of digital marketing and email marketing experience, including planning, managing, designing and tracking digital and email marketing campaigns. At Cameron Digital, Jodi focuses on helping clients design and execute successful Klaviyo automated email marketing campaigns and customer retention programs, including increasing revenue, enhancing customer journeys, increasing customer lifetime value and optimizing KPIs.

Sean Possemato

Head of Operations

Sean Possemato obtained his undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology. He used this degree to accelerate his entrepreneurial spirit in 2011 by co-founding a collection of sports and fitness apps called, Fitivity. Fitivity provided Sean the opportunity to quickly gain hands-on experience in the start-up world. His success is reflective of Fitivity’s ability to raise nearly $1.7 million in institutional investment.

Over the last 10 years, Sean has gained personal experience and expertise with 4 different start-ups, which fostered his development and knowledge in marketing. In joining Cameron Digital Consulting in early 2019, Sean was able to put intentional focus on becoming a professional marketer and immersing himself in a wide variety of verticals.

Jon Flight

Business Strategist

Jon has 10 + years of experience as an entrepreneur and business leader. He has helped ambitious brands scale their businesses by providing the strategy, insights, and team development needed to get to the next level. With a vast array of experience founding and supporting many businesses across multiple industries, he can leverage this unique lens to help advise any business. His passion is exceeding the expectations and desires of the companies that he works with. In his free time, Jon enjoys spending time with his family, is a fitness enthusiast, and has a passion for adventure.

Zack Koulopoulos

Paid Advertising Specialist

Zack has 4+ years of experience in digital marketing and product development. Gaining a background in Communications & Rhetorical Studies from Syracuse University, Zack also has expertise in many different marketing platforms with certifications from Tik Tok, Snapchat, and Facebook Marketing. His main function at Cameron Digital is as an account manager for our Google & Facebook clients, as well as a consultant for website development projects.

Salvatore Marano

PPC and SEO Specialist

Salvatore is a student at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he plans to graduate in May of 2023 with a degree in Marketing. His responsibilities at CDC, which began in November of 2021, include Google Ads planning and implementation, SEO strategies, and data organization and analysis.

Ryan Freeze

Client Success

With over 7 years of experience in digital marketing and business development, Ryan has worked with clients in a variety of industries. He has helped them exceed their marketing goals through developing marketing strategies that are both actionable and profitable. He is passionate about using marketing tactics that are customer-centric and puts an emphasis on the impact the customer journey and experience have on conversion and sales.


Graphic and Video Designer

Leo is a speedy, talented professional with 8+ years of experience in Multimedia Production. He specializes in turning chaos into order and obscurities into insights. Leo moves fast and his videos are crafted with care. His capabilities range from Video Editing, Motion Graphics both 2D and 3D. Prior to working with Cameron Digital Leo worked with a TV station in the Philippines for more than 3 years before joining the Cameron Digital team.