Our Free Optimization Package is perfect for a startup, small or large business looking to increase performance on their website, in an ad account, with their email list, or on their social media pages.


Creating & Promoting
Your Brand

Our team will create your brand from the ground up, starting with its concept and promoting it through various mediums. Our goal is to develop campaigns that last for a long time by learning, planning, strategizing, and learning again.


Services We Can Do Help For You

We want to provide as much value as possible, it’s what we believe in and its why our client’s stay around.
When you book a Discovery Call with us, you will receive the following for your brand:

Comprehensive Audit


Complete audit for 1 of the following digital marketing channels:


  • Google Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Ads
  • Search Engine
  • Optimization

Graphic Creation


We will create an image asset for you to use for:


  • Advertising
  • Website
  • Social Media

Video Creation


We will create a video asset for you to use for:


  • Advertising
  • Website
  • Social Media

Campaign Creation


If you want us to create a campaign for you in a desired ad account, we will. Our goal is to help brands get their feet under them and begin scaling.

Who we are &
Who we work with

We are a 100% remote digital marketing family comprised of 16 people. Everyone on our team brings a unique personality and expertise to the table. We use collaboration, knowledge, and autonomy to ensure your work gets done the right way. Partnering with us, means you get our complete involvement.
Rather than focusing on the money we can make from a client, we strive to grow truly amazing brands. They say it’s hard to love your job every day, but we believe they must be doing it wrong.


Client Success stories

Looking for a specific niche related to your brand? We have worked with more than 100+ businesses, if you are interested in seeing specific industry experience, let us know.

























































































































About The Client

Our client was an established brand in the beauty and skincare industry. They offer a highly curated catalog of the best physician-recommended, premium skincare and beauty products. They came to us already using Klaviyo for their flows and campaigns, but with an understanding that they felt they should be getting more out of their email marketing efforts and wanted to increase their email revenue.

Marketing Review & Analysis

We first started with an extensive audit of their entire email marketing strategy, from email collection and sign-ups, to flow and campaign cadence, to segmentation of their existing list, and finally to their overall email design. After our analysis, we designed a 90-day plan of areas we wanted to focus on with their email marketing and after presenting the strategy to our client, we got to work.

Our Strategy

Our first area of focus was on a complete overhaul of their foundational flows (Welcome, Abandoned Checkout, Browse Abandonment, Add To Cart, and Post Purchase). We did a full redesign on all emails starting with building a new template that matched the look and feel of their website and social platforms. We then updated the messaging in those emails to “remove the fluff” and really take into account the customer journey. We then focused on their email capture and sign up forms on their website. They were getting substantial traffic but (in our eyes) were missing opportunities to grow their list at a higher rate. We did a complete overhaul on all of their existing sign up forms and added a couple more in the process. We, once again, wanted to focus on capturing users while also considering the shopping experience and to not interfere with that process. Finally, we started on an overhaul of their campaigns and campaign calendar. By creating a working calendar, we were able to get ahead of schedule and put more time into thinking outside of the box and ensuring that customers were getting contacted in a way that made sense and with relevant content. We also tested a lot during this entire process. We tested things such as:

  • Short-form content vs. long form
  • Heavily designed emails vs. simple emails
  • The number of emails we sent per week
  • What types of email – general emails vs product or brand-specific

We have since gotten into a great groove with this brand where we have an extremely healthy list and are staying top of mind in the very competitive beauty and skincare niche.

Meet the Team


Matt Cameron

CEO & Founder

Chemical Engineer by degree, Matt has been the owner of a successful marketing agency for the last eight years. With extensive experience in SEM, Paid Social Advertising, SEO, Organic Social, Email Marketing, and Website Development, Matt is capable of helping grow businesses both large and small to reach their full potential.

Sean Possemato

Head of Operations

Sean Possemato obtained his undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology. He used this degree to accelerate his entrepreneurial spirit in 2011 by co-founding a collection of sports and fitness apps called, Fitivity. Fitivity provided Sean the opportunity to quickly gain hands-on experience in the start-up world. His success is reflective of Fitivity’s ability to raise nearly $1.7 million in institutional investment. Over the last 10 years, Sean has gained personal experience and expertise with 4 different start-ups, which fostered his development and knowledge in marketing. In joining Cameron Digital Consulting in early 2019, Sean was able to put intentional focus on becoming a professional marketer and immersing himself in a wide variety of verticals.

Mark Picozza

Software Discovery Lead & Product Manager

Mark has 10+ years of experience as an entrepreneur and business leader. With his extensive involvement in product, business, & brand development, Mark has helped bring to market 5 product brands with more than 75 SKUs collectively.In recent years, Mark has developed extensive knowledge in software development & product management, specializing in feature prioritization & versioning, user stories, user flows, low-fidelity wireframes, persona development, & more, helping clients go from idea to MVP launch.

Renzo Arroyo

Senior Fullstack Developer

Renzo is a Fullstack Developer who has over 5 years of experience in web and mobile development. Renzo has experience in UX/UI as well, gaining a more global approach of application development. Focused on creating innovative and problem-solving solutions , Renzo is always researching and learning, not only about new technologies, but about the problems and needs of people in general